Nick Pattison ’18: “The Garden at Colby has a slightly salty smell, as if from thousands of years ago the earth is beginning to till itself up and show us its own story. By working on the land, we are listening to its story, and creating a new one, bringing us closer in connection to the earth, where many things are born, live, and relive.”



Ella McDonald ’19: Ella has grown up with access to and knowledge of veggies, however this is her first time gardening/farming. She has worked in the greenhouse at colby, and developed her love of plants and the environment, and has continued that at the student garden!



Daphne Hernandez ’18: Daphne hails from one of the largest cities in the country: Houston, Texas, and has experience tending to her family’s yard garden, which consists of some cooking herbs, a few fruit trees, and chickens.


COFGA Alumni

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Amelia Chambers ’16: “In just one summer in the garden I’ve learned so much about food, plants, the world, and myself. It has been an invaluable life experience and the coolest summer I’ve ever had.”


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George Hill ’16: “I like gardening because it involves a variety of different tasks.”


Jeff Meltzer ’15: “Through working with COFGA, I have grown literally thousands of different plants, have met lots of cool people, and have grown as a gardener, a student, and a person along the way!  The club has allowed me to learn about and support local food systems and to meet other people who share the same interests.”

Matt Lipman ’15: “COFGA has created a space where I can study agriculture outside the classroom and meet other students who have a passion for knowing from where our food comes. COFGA is a fun club for anyone who has always wondered what the living, breathing earth feels like.”


Sonja Hagemeier ’15: “Food and sweat bring people together and COFGA provides both of those things!  Knowing where food comes from is so important and to be able to educate people about food is such a special feeling. Before joining COFGA, I never saw such beautiful vegetables in my whole life! DIRT ROCKS.”


Meg Kruithoff ’12: “I joined COFGA because I want to change the way people eat and build community around sustainable food and farming practices. I have a passion for growing vegetables, and I think food–especially local food–brings people together in the most basic way. So what better way to grow community at Colby than by growing food for each other right here on the hill?”



Nina Hatch ’13: “Local. Organic. Great VEGGIES! I joined COFGA because I love being outside and all things gardening! COFGA is a great club because it’s a time to get your hands dirty, get away from schoolwork, and meet some awesome people. It’s an opportunity to learn about what it means to be local and organic, eat veggies that you’ve never tried, and also just learn how to grow your own food!”


Julie Kafka ’12: “Last summer, I grew and harvested over 4,000 pounds of produce, often times just working by myself! The garden has taught me how to grow in many ways, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.”



Avery Beck ’14:  “Food ties people and communities to one another, and to the land – it’s a shared dependency, but also a shared ability to create, and be creative. I love that COFGA is a setting for students to collaborate and learn from one another in such a way, and even from local Mainers, several of whom are about as passionate, concerned, and knowledgeable about farming, food distribution, and ag policy as you’ll find. Working in the student garden, it’s been satisfying to plant several thousand seeds, and watch life unfurl from the soil with tenacity as the season progresses. We’re the club on campus that’s craziest for beets and tomatoes!”


Katherine Ackerman ’14: “COFGA lets me play with plants and supply Colby with the best Mayflower Hill-grown vegetables.”