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Visiting A Backyard Permaculture Project

On Saturday, we visited a permaculture project, working with trees (mostly berry and nut) and perennial plants. This is an awesome farm! One main concept of the land is planting on swales, which are dug “ditches” along an elevation contour. These swales prevent from dirt being eroded from the fields by providing area for the water to slow. The farmer we visited takes some inspiration from Ben Falk’s farm and swale project. If you want to learn more, here is a youtube link to his description of the swales.

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Aphid Management: COFGA’s Experience this Spring

It seems that our gardens have been full of aphids this season, and as a result of that, we’ve learned a lot!

Our experience with aphids started when we were growing seedlings in the Olin Greenhouse, and they had managed to feast on our eggplants and some of our peppers! Now, we are working on our eggplants, which still have a few aphids on them (though much less than before!). Continue reading

First Day of Working with the Hall School Kids in the Garden!

Yesterday was our first day working with students from a local elementary school! We had 7 people join us for two hours yesterday and we planted leaf lettuce, corn, and beans! We are looking forward to working every Thursday with our students and helping them to learn to grow both food and themselves! Below are pictures of our raised beds we made for the student gardeners and some planting that we did with them! Continue reading

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