13498052_920691824726294_297691827633856411_o (1)As a mission of our garden, we strive to educate, engage with the Colby gardens. Through this, we work with the Hall School, a local elementary school, to teach gardening and farming both at their school and at our garden.

It is especially important to teach these students about gardening and real food because it can help give these students something to love and care for: and a place to be passionate about something. In addition, many students are on subsidized meal plans, and many don’t come from families that may know how to grow food, or have access to healthy food.

At the Hall School:

We work with the Hall School’s garden club to help prepare special meals featuring food that is healthy, and then enjoy it with the students. This gives the students a way to interact with us, and look at us as role models, showi13528492_920691741392969_5811161991761418018_o (1)ng them that spinach, or sweet potatoes, are great!

At the Colby Gardens:

Kids from the hall school come to the Colby Gardens to learn to grow some of their own food, and see the fruit of their labor. We plant things like corn, squash, and beans with the students, to demonstrate the symbiotic relationship of these plants. We also plant leaf lettuces and carrots with the students to show them how simple and enjoyable growing plants like these can be.