With summer in full swing, the tomato plants at the COFGA garden are growing larger and larger! As tomatoes become bigger, it is important to keep them off the ground so they can stay clean and avoid diseases. In addition, it is much easier to harvest tomatoes that are grown vertically. To prevent the tomatoes from growing on the ground, we decided to support them with a trellis.

The trellis provides a string for the tomatoes to grow upwards around. To set up the trellis, we installed three pairs of large wooden stakes about 25 feet from each other. On top of the stakes we strung a 50 foot wire. Above each tomato plant, we tied a piece of biodegradable garden twine to the wire and wound the loose end of this twine around the stem of the small tomato plant. This way, the tomato plant will grow up and around the twine and stay off the ground. Hopefully, this will keep our tomatoes happy and healthy for the summer!