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Canada’s Hotlist

Canada’s Hotlist


The Canadian Federal Government prohibits and restricts the use of certain ingredients in cosmetics and body care products. Many of these ingredients are found in products sold in the U.S. Canada Health has put together the Cosmetics Ingredient Hotlist that is based on the latest scientific studies. Ingredients on the Hotlist are prohibited or may used in regulated concentrations with mandatory warning labels.

These are some of the ingredients on the Hotlist and in U.S. consumer products:

Triclosan: regulated concentration, Warning label for oral care products: “not intended for children under 12.”

Salicylic acid: regulated concentration, Warning label: “Do not use on broken or abraded skin, not to be used by children under three years of age.”

Lead: prohibited (allowed in U.S. products and candy at low levels)

Mecury: prohibited (allowed in U.S. products at low levels)

To view the “Hotlist” of prohibited and restricted chemicals click here: Hotlist

Bisphenol A (BPA)

Canada has banned the sale of baby bottles containing BPA and has dedicated $1.7 million to research the health effects of BPA. The Health Minister Tony Clement stated that, “We have concluded that early development is sensitive to the effects of bisphenol A,” Canada has decided to use precautionary principle when it comes to the use of chemicals in consumer products.

To read the whole story at the Canadian Broadcasting Company click here:

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