Reading:   Chapter 8.

Homework:   We are beginning a series of homework assignments calculating the physical and chemical properties of water.   Please create ONE Workbook with multple worksheets, one for each assignment.  You will be able to use your workbook for the next exam.  This week you will create two worksheets.

1) Calculate the density of water as a function to temperature and salinity.   Plot the density as a function of temperature for four different salinities (0 to 35 o/oo).   At what salinity will cold water no longer have a density maximum?  Assume that you have two 1 meter cube blocks of water sitting on top of each other.   The top block is 25 0C and the bottom block is 15 oC.   How much mechanical energy would be required to move the bottom block to the surface?

2) Calculate the solubility of oxygen in mg/L and micro mole/L as a function of temperature and salinity.  Plot the solubility of oxygen as a function of temperature for four different salinities (3 to 35 o/00).

Hand in each worksheet printed on a single page of paper.  Due 4/23/2013 HW Key:  density of water

Resources:  CH217-Geochem1-2013 CH217O2 solubilitydensity of water, density at high salinity, test your equations (view source for the code), solubility of oxygen.

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