Reading: Chapter 6  and  A.E. Perring, T.H. Bertram, D.K. Farmer, P.J. Wooldridge, J. Dibb, N.J. Blake, D.R. Blake, H.B. Singh, H. Fuelberg, G. Diskin, G. Sachse, R.C. Cohen, Alkyl nitrate production and persistence in the Mexico City Plume, Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss.2009. [ Read the paper]


Homework:  Using the link (http://aura.gsfc.nasa.gov/science/feature-022207.html) as a starting point, sketch the concentrations of HNO3, HCl, CLO, and O3 in the Antarctic stratosphere during the winter of 2006.  On your figure list the most significant reactions that drive the observed concentrations.    What do you predict for the residence times of each of these species?   due – 3/21/2013

Resources:   spol_98lowExcellent Ozone MoviesEPA Ozone,  CH217-Smog-2012,  CH217 Acid Rain 2012

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