Section 1: Elements and the Earth

Due 2/13 – Reading: Langmuir and Broecker, Chapter 1: Earth and Life as Natural Systems (all); Chapter 2: The Big Bang and Chapter 3:  The Raw Material – read just the intros to each chapter in italics on p. 27-28 and p. 51-52; Chapter 4: Preliminary Fabrication (all).

Note that copies of this book are available for you to read in Keyes 104. Please do not remove the textbook from the room without speaking with me first.

There will be a short (5 min) readiness assurance quiz on the reading at the beginning of class on 2/13.

Please also complete this doodle poll to find the best time for office hours.

Due 2/20 – Reading: Langmuir and Broecker, Chapter 9: Making it Comfortable – all except you can skip p. 253 – 257 (Evidence for Liquid Water and Stable Isotope Fractionation); Chapter 15: Energizing the Surface – all.

Due 2/23: Homework 1

Class Slides: Feb. 13 Slides; Feb. 15 Slides

How to Build a Habitable Planet – Text Resources

Field Trip: For information on the Maine Huts Stratton Brook field trip 3/9-10, please see here. Please complete this questionnaire about the trip by Thurs. 2/22.

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