Founded in 2001, Colby Cares About Kids (CCAK) is a program run by the Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Engagement.  CCAK pairs Colby students (mentors) and local children in grades K-8 (mentees) together to promote academic and social success.

CCAK is a volunteer mentoring program whose goal is to provide a consistent, reliable adult presence in the lives of children who live in the Greater Waterville area. Our mentors act as role models, friends, and academic guides. The role of the mentor is to help a child learn to trust others, build self-esteem, and increase the chances for academic success.

It started with an introductory English class going into local schools to work with kids. Today, CCAK has more than 450 Colby mentors paired with area youngsters at 15 sites throughout the Waterville area.  Each year, Colby Cares About Kids provides more than 10,000 hours of mentoring to the children of the Greater Waterville Area.

For the college, the mentoring initiative will reaffirm Colby’s status as an active member of the Greater Waterville community, and will lend a new dimension to our commitment to encourage civic responsibility as an essential part of a liberal arts education.

Finally, our student-mentors will nourish their own humanity, deepen their sense of the importance of personal relationships, and lend soulful resonance to their college years.