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Viki Lin & Annabelle Fischer JanPlan 2019 Internship talk to Bi265j Human A&P (013019)

February 7th, 2019 · Comments Off on Viki Lin & Annabelle Fischer JanPlan 2019 Internship talk to Bi265j Human A&P (013019)



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Cameron Matticks: JanPlan 2015 Internship talk to Bi265j Human A&P

January 31st, 2015 · Comments Off on Cameron Matticks: JanPlan 2015 Internship talk to Bi265j Human A&P

Cameron Matticks, (’15, Cell & Molecular Biology) was the 2015 Bi265j TA and intern. Listen to his talk to the class about his experience below.

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Caitlin Guiney: Nurse Practitioner Internship

January 15th, 2014 · Comments Off on Caitlin Guiney: Nurse Practitioner Internship

Hi everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, I am Caitlin Guiney. I am currently a junior, biology major and art minor from Concord, MA. I took this class last year and loved it. I initially thought coming into college I wanted to be a pediatrician, but through volunteering at Inland Hospital in Waterville, a hospital at home, and talking with people in the medical field my plan has morphed to hopefully become a nurse practitioner (NP).

Thom was extremely helpful in setting up with me this Jan Plan an internship at two different locations so I could continue to learn about the medical field and experience what it is like day to day working in it. On Monday and Tuesday I go to the family care private practice in Belgrade and shadow Dr. Amy Madden and her staff. On Wednesday and Thursday I go to the rheumatology department at Inland Hospital on KMD and shadow NP Marci Lowe. The two different environment provide great contrast to start to narrow down my plan for after college.


I had to fill some paperwork on Monday so I began on Tuesday shadowing Dr. Amy. Dr. Amy went to Dartmouth College for both undergrad and medical school. In the practice and Belgrade there are three people practicing two doctors and one FNP, Lisa. The practice is for approximately 3,000 people from the Belgrade area.


The first patient that Dr. Amy saw was a 60 year old woman, who is a nurse, for her physical. I have always thought physicals are the easiest types of appointments for doctors, but the physicals Dr. Amy had that day were not only a check on the essentials, but opportunity for the patient to air concerns about a lingering problem and/or ask questions. The nurse had feet issues; Dr. Amy diagnosed her with plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis, appropriately named is heel pain caused by when the fibrous band of tissue in the sole of the foot that helps support the arch. When the plantar fascia becomes and inflamed or torn by being overloaded or overstretched it causes small tears where the tissue meets the heel bone. It is common in overweight and pregnant women. It reminded me that health is not about the big decisions, but making every day little decisions like wearing the proper footwear and stretching.


What surprise me when the nurse whipped out her iPad and had a list of questions she had about things she had seen on the Dr. Oz show. Amy was extremely composed, and it reminded me of grand rounds question section for our presentation in A&P last year. I realized something that makes the patients so comfortable with Amy is her composure and the importance of her confidence to assure the patient and make them feel confident her ability. I found it funny Amy told me that getting Dr. Oz questions are a common experience.

One of my favorite shows is house. And the next patient we saw was a house case according to Amy. The next patient was a 56 year old male carpenter who was losing feeling in arm all at once and then slowly his feeling would return. After perform some strength tests and mobility tests, Amy said the muscle causing the issue was the deltoid muscles fatigue most likely caused by inflammation of the rotator cuff. Amy order blood tests and orthopedic appointment for the man. I am interested to see what the blood tests will show and what the orthopedist might discover because his numbness was not brought on by physical exertion.

The next physical was with a hospital dietitian who has wheat belly. Much of the appoint was Amy asking about her personal life because her life had recently become very stressful which had contributed to stress that had cause her to neglect things she has previously been doing to help her wheat belly. Amy discussed how to minimize the stress and was very sympathetic. Why I want to go into this field because it more challenge than an exam for example when you are giving a problem where there is a list of symptoms and you have to give a diagnose, people are dynamic and complex. There are so many dimensions to health and I believe there is a direct correlation between the mind and the body when one is mental overwhelmed it will one way or another will physical manifest in the body.

The last patient was a man in 50s who had gastrointestinal diabetes. All lot of the time with him was spent making sure he was sticking to his regiment. Also trying to get Maine care, insurance, to pay for his prescriptions, he was having trouble with his insurance arguing that he need his pressure socks covered for because they were something he couldn’t go without. Primary care is much more maintainer of someone’s health, but also there as a support system and advocate. Dr. Amy does an amazing job at all three, especially relentless with the insurance and drug companies, and is a great role model for me.


Here is the talk that I gave to the Bi265j Human Anatomy and Physiology Class reviewing my experience during the internship.


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