Human Anatomy at Colby

The JanPlan for Champions

February 5, 2020 · No Comments

Hmm…where do I even begin to describe my experience with A&P. Well on the very first day of JanPlan, I overslept and awkwardly took a seat in the back. This was obviously not the best first impression to give your professor. As the class continued though, I felt that this month that I had was more than just a regular old JanPlan course.  It was more of a bildungsroman in a way. Professor Klepach gave insight to all of his students with his stories and practical applications in life. He essentially taught me how to maintain stress and manage time well while also studying not only efficiently but effectively.

Yeah, there were times where I just outright did not do well on quizzes or a lab test, but if there was one lesson to be learned, it was to not be discouraged. Just kinda keep your head up and in the game. Why and how? Grades aren’t the end of the world even if you’re pre-medicine like the majority of us taking A&P. Yes, it does make you feel hopeless when you don’t get the grade you expected given the effort and time you put in but improvement is definitely more important as Prof. Klepach told us. That being said, the class was not easy nor impossible. It just depends on your effort and mindset. So if you are looking for a sick JanPlan, take A&P.


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