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A&P Jan Plan Experience

February 5, 2020 · No Comments

Though it definitely didn’t feel like it, taking this class was one of the best decisions I have made during my time at Colby. During that first week I struggled a with the material. Despite studying I found myself unable to memorise all the necessary physiological details and anatomical structures we went over in our lectures and labs. This was quite disheartening and led to a lot of anxiety on what the rest of Jan Plan would be like. However, with every class session Professor Klepach continued to encourage all the students. he was very adamant on putting one’s health first and then adjusting academics and other lifestyle choices in a way that would cause minimum stress. I thought this was something I wouldn’t be able to do but as I continued to review the course materials and take the quizzes and labs tests, I found myself adjusting my study habits and eventually saw some improvement. I saw improvement in my life outside of class as well. I started a regular workout routine, which is something I hadn’t maintained before. This January was also probably the most consistent month of adequate sleep that I’ve had so far during my time at Colby. I usually experience periods where it’s difficult for me to sleep and I expected this to to be an issue during Jan Plan as well. however, as I fell into a routine, I found myself getting a consistent seven to eight hours of sleep every night which was quite shocking.

This class gave me a lot of hope for the upcoming spring semester. Fall semester was not the best experience due to a combination of personal and academic issues. Yet, despite the heavy workload, I find that this class has motivated me to look forward to spring semester. I have learned more about myself as a student and I really hope I can use what I have learned to do well in my upcoming courses, especially in the ones with similar difficult concepts and a lot of memorisation. I hope to consistently improve in my classes while also maintaining minimum stress. I know this will be challenging since spring semester will be much busier than Jan Plan was, but I am hopeful nonetheless. A&P also helped me to change how I think about exams and quizzes. The grade is important yes, and I hope I do well on my tests this semester, but typically I would view a bad grade as a simply that, a bad grade – a failure. With the structure of A&P I began to view a bad grade as a learning experience. I really liked the scratch off quizzes because the point of the quiz was that even if I didn’t know the answer to a question, I would know by the end of the quiz. It was an assessment, but also a learning experience. I hope to use that view this semester to drive myself to constantly improve. Fall semester, one of my biggest challenges was motivation. I wanted to learn, but I was so stressed about my grades that that anxiety ironically started to affect my performance in classes. Now that I have had a class that showed me assessments can be less stress inducing, I hope I can use a similar approach of viewing every test as a learning experience to motivate myself.

Overall, this course taught me a lot about myself. I’m really glad I was able to take it even though at times I was still very stressed. However that just means that there is always room for improvement in my personal and academic habits and I look forward to using everything my experience in this course and all the wonderful advice Professor Klepach gave to make the best use of the rest of my time at Colby.

– Roshauna

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