Human Anatomy at Colby


February 4, 2020 · No Comments

This class gave me the best takeaway of any college class I have taken so far: health over school. I have been in a constant struggle with balancing my health and my schoolwork since high school. Tracking my habits over the past month made me realize how terrible and unsustainable my they are. Not getting enough sleep often leads to illness which hinders a student’s ability to stay on top of all their work and, most importantly, it makes learning miserable. Here we are at this incredible institute of education and I have just been drifting by for the sake of the grade. Realizing how bad my habits are has inspired me to invoke change in hopes that I will once again enjoy learning.

This was truly a great class, like many of the other classes I have taken at Colby, but it has taught me the most valuable lesson I’ve learned here so far. To have a professor actually emphasize wellness over learning made me realize how much I actually sacrifice for schoolwork. My habits need to change so that I can start to feel good year round and not just during the summer.


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