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Reflection on Jan Plan

February 4, 2020 · No Comments

Going into Jan plan this year, I knew that this course would be fast-paced, rigorous, and dense in material— the exact opposite of my Jan plan experience last year when I took Studio Art. While I did not have the same free time and relaxation as I did last year, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned valuable lessons that extended past the syllabus, and learned more about myself as a student along the way.

I decided to take human anatomy and physiology because I was genuinely interested in the subject and it was one of my favorite classes in high school. I told myself that I would give myself some leniency this month to enjoy the class as much as I can, and try my best to control the level of self-imposed stress from academics. This conveniently aligned with Dr. Klepach’s philosophy of the course, which was to learn for the sake of learning, not for the sake of the grade, and to prioritize mental and physical health.

I realized I had some unhealthy habits as a student before this class. I would skip meals and get less than 5 hours of sleep some nights, and I am now aware of how that affected my academic and athletic performance and level of stress which in turn affected my happiness. Tracking those aspects of my life this month made me more cognizant and thoughtful of the relationship between healthy living and physical and mental well being. My experience this month will affect how I approach my classes and life in the future. I truly believe that most of the time, you can strike the balance between a healthy lifestyle and achieving academic success if you put in the effort. Hopefully, I will remember this reflection when I am in the middle of the spring semester, running around between classes, activities, and spending quality time with friends.

Another point in reflecting on this past month is that I feel as though I was in the minority in terms of where my future interests are career-wise. I currently do not have an interest in pursuing a health care profession but instead am interested in law. I believe that this affected how I approached the course and helped me to “learn for the sake of learning.” While law and medicine may be two different career paths, I think that its intersection and the interdisciplinary study can be fascinating and having a brain with both schemas can help you view life through different lenses.

I had a positive experience in human anatomy and physiology and I wish the class was taught over a longer period of time so that we can learn more material at a slower pace. I am happy, however, about the takeaways from this class. I thought the grand rounds presentations were a great way to end the class and it was fascinating to learn about the various case studies researched by my fellow classmates. It would be great to take a class with Dr. Klepach again in the future— his enthusiasm for teaching and dedication to his students is exceptional.

Minori Cohan

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