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Joanelle’s JanPlan 2020 Reflection

February 4, 2020 · No Comments

This JanPlan definitely got off to a rocky start as we were bombarded with hundreds of slides, sometimes just in one day, filled with tons of new terms and concepts to memorize. I was extremely overwhelmed, but amazed at how no one else appeared to feel the burden of the courseload and instead were eager and present in every moment. Had it not been for Dr. Klepach’s endless encouragement and repeated insistence that self-care always comes first, I would have drowned for sure. Instead, I began to internalize his philosophy and forced myself to stop measuring myself by my grades. I accepted that I was doing the best I could and tried not be as hard on myself, and I made myself take breaks away from work and studying to focus on my physical and psychological health. The most precious lesson by far that I’ll take away from this class is that it’s okay to be kind to yourself, and those who truly value your education, success, and well-being will understand that and work with you.

As far as the actual course material, certain things from A&P may have gone in one ear and out the other. However, I definitely learned a huge amount overall, and I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to take this class. As a pre-health student with an EMT background, it was amazing to enrich my current understanding of the body as well as get a taste of what future schooling holds. The cardiology unit was by far my favorite, and the pig heart dissection was a really cool, hands-on way of applying everything we had been talking about to a tangible model. Along those same lines, the mini heart models were awesome as well; it was very thoughtful to get one for every student to take home and study.

Overall, I really loved this class and the topics that were prioritized, I just wish that we had had more time!!

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