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A heavy,yet rewarding JanPlan

February 4, 2020 · No Comments

Taking this JanPlan course was a decision made after the JanPlan started, which meant that my personal experience in the first week and less in the second involved immense amounts of stress mixed with fascination at the lecture material-the physiology material. I was quite overwhelmed and sleep deprived the first week. Gradually I saw myself catching up, filling up what felt like gaps in the exploration of different systems of the human body and I began to focus more on my studying techniques. I would advise everyone taking a complex and heavy on memorization Biology (or otherwise) class to follow Professor Klepach’s advice on studying methods. Going through the material prior to the class worked very very effectively for me, as during the lecture the material was not only reviewed right then, but also solidified and therefore resonated with me.

Perhaps, the most enriching activity was the visit to Inland Hospital in Waterville, that involved the tour of the hospital and the presentations we delivered. Medical cases upgrade the level of difficulty and thoroughness required to present them in an audience that may or may not know much about your particular case. Understanding and comprehending the medical case is crucial to the efficiency and clarity of your presentation and it was that part that I very much enjoyed. Immersion in the different strategies, parameters that medical doctors have to consider when diagnosing and acting accordingly amazed me in its intricacy and its abundance of possibilities. This course allowed me and equipped me to approach such an elevated topic with moderate confidence and certainly some of the necessary basic knowledge. Regarding the actual presentation, I was overwhelmed when considering the expertise of part of the audience, but I realized that if you are passionate (or at least interested in the case) and have prepared well enough, the fear/stress is needless.

Another aspect of this class that fascinated me is the histology we had the opportunity to study during the lab portion of the class. Not just physical models of different organs but also slides of healthy and unhealthy tissues were elements that we had to identify. Never before had I had interacted so intensely and closely with histological specimens and I loved the microscopic view I gained. One of the systems that I enjoyed learning about is the nervous system. Its efficiency and delicacy I had not realized to this extent before. In particular, I was very intrigued by the pathology of this particular system that I consider exploring neuroscience in the future. When it comes to anatomy, the anatomy of the ear, along with its cooperation with other systems’ anatomical features to allow for hearing was the most surprising to me. Later on, I went on to see some of the technology used for hearing loss, understanding now how the ear functions.

Finally, the cooperation of the EMS and the hospital staff was elemental in my medical case and made me consider a career of a paramedic.

-Iliana G.

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