Human Anatomy at Colby

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February 3, 2020 · No Comments

Going into this class, I knew that it would entail a lot of very complicated material, as well as a heavier work load than a normal JanPlan. However, I was interested in learning more about the human body and how different systems function together. While this class was challenging, with advice from Dr. Klepach throughout the semester I found different ways to manage stress, and I developed different study habits to help me learn all of the information we needed to. I found this class very interesting, specifically the unit on the cardiovascular system. I enjoyed learning about the heart and how it works together with other systems in the body to help us function. I enjoyed the pig heart dissection as it allowed us to be able to see the different anatomical structures we learned about in a real heart. I decided to take this class as I have an interest in Anatomy and Physiology, and I am not fully sure what I want to do after Colby. However, I feel that this class has opened up the idea of entering  into the health services. Some of the things that helped me realize this were the tour of Inland hospital, as well as the talk by Dr. Caroline Lafave. These two events gave me more information of what it would be like to work in health services, and made me more interested in possibly pursuing them. I also really enjoyed listening to the Grand Rounds talks. They provided a wide range of topics in either advances in medicine or case studies, and I was able to recognize and understand the cases as some of the things we had learned about in class were discussed. Overall, this class gave me a lot of information about the human body. However, it also taught me methods of stress management, different study habits, and possible careers for the future.

Alexandra D.

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