Human Anatomy at Colby

Blog Post – Sam B

February 3, 2020 · No Comments

I found this course immensely enjoyable due to the fascinating subject matter, kind classmates, and the relentless energy of Prof. Klepach. I felt fortunate that I had some background in anatomy and physiology, because without that I would have found it much more difficult to stay afloat; so I have immense respect for students in this class from non-STEM backgrounds who were learning a lot of this material for the first time. That couldn’t have been easy. I also appreciate that my background allowed me to devote non-studying time to other pursuits, such as my Honors research and CER work. I liked that I didn’t have to scale back on other endeavors to spend time studying for this class. I was also able to spend a lot of time with my friends this JanPlan, which historically has not been the case. During the EMT JanPlan there was no time, during sophomore JanPlan I was dealing with an illness, and last year Pre-Med Academy had me working night shifts, so this was the first January that I got to spend whole days or afternoons spending time with my friends and enjoying myself.
I particularly enjoyed the pig heart dissection. Models and diagrams are great, but it’s different to hold an organ in your hand and understand the scale and proportions of it. I had also never thought about how much a heart would weigh until I got to hold one. I enjoyed cutting through the heart muscle to look into the ventricles, and finding the moderator band was very exciting. I also enjoyed looking at the patent foramen ovale in the heart that we all passed around; getting to apply the concepts we learned in class that day was especially enjoyable.
I got a lot out of this class and I’m so glad I took it.

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