Human Anatomy at Colby

Jan Plan

February 10th, 2019 · Comments Off on Jan Plan

This Jan plan course was an extremely condensed one, with a great deal of material being hurled at us each day. However, because of the way the class was structured and Dr. Klepach’s attention to how we were living and managing our stress it was not nearly as daunting as I had previously envisioned.The highlight of the class for me personally was the trip to inland hospital. I thought it was extremely valuable to see a functioning hospital and the people who worked there. We were able to get a peak into the life of a practicing doctor, and how their daily lives operate.

Another valuable experience was our presentations of the Grand Rounds projects to the doctors and the class as a whole. I loved working on my project and being able to really dive into a specific case and the way it was treated. The project gave insight into the difficulty of obtaining a diagnosis, and what a collaborative process it is.

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