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What Did You Learn Today?

February 5th, 2019 · Comments Off on What Did You Learn Today?

This JanPlan, I took A&P and guitar lessons. I have played piano for almost all of my life, but I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. Even though A&P made my schedule pretty busy, I decided that I wanted to take lessons this JanPlan to give myself a break from the academic work. Twice a week I would go to Bixler after a three and a half hour lecture on the organ system of the day and my guitar teacher would start with the question: What did you learn today?

That was a pretty loaded question considering my brain was still recovering from the rapid-fire lectures on anatomy and then physiology and I was struggling to retain any of the information that I had learned that day. Then I remembered a cool fact that Dr. K mentioned in Olin 001, like how the surface area of the lungs is 35 times the surface area of the body. Or I remembered when Dr. K explained the etymology of some anatomical structure in Arey 307. My personal favorite was the background of the acetabulum, where the femur meets the pelvis and forms the hip joint. Acetabulum literally means “vinegar bowl” since the Romans used to use the acetabulum of cattle to hold their vinegar when eating.

Not only did those stories and fun facts help to liven up the at times never-ending lecture, they helped me to remember and make sense of all of the information that is packed into the month of January. I knew that I wanted to eventually go to medical school when I first came to Colby, but this class helped to reinforce that I find the human body fascinating and I want to dedicate years of my life studying it. The fun facts reminded me of how incredibly specified and complicated the human body is, and how difficult and rewarding it is to study its form and function.

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