Welcome to Biochemistry of the Cell II! From here you can access valuable course materials, including laboratory handouts, powerpoints, and the syllabus (BC368-syllabus-17). Choose the Course Materials tab to access powerpoints (remember you must be logged in). Thanks to Peter Wirth ’16 for the cover photo!

Here is a link to the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man webpages, which may be very useful when writing your case studies (OMIM).

Topics for metabolic disorders poster sessions are here:

Tuesday lab
Dylan and Amanda Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome
Sava and Katie Maple Syrup Urine Disease
Afia and Sandra Aldolase A deficiency
Phuong and Grace Glutaric aciduria type II
Alex and Jack Galactosemia
Thursday lab
Danielle and Erika PDH complex deficiency
Ahsan and Mike Von Gierke Disease
Chris, Jennifer, and Corben Friedrich’s Ataxia

Schedule for case studies is here:

Date Group
24-Feb Danielle and Erika: Case Study 3
3-Mar Chris, Liam, Phuong: Case Study 4
17-Mar Sava, Katie, Alex: ComplexII-Case5
31-Mar Sandra, Afia, Grace: CaseStudy 6
14-Apr Ahsan, Corben, Mike: CaseStudy7
28-Apr Faiyaz and Alex: CaseStudy8
5-May Dylan, Amanda, Jack

The rubric for the case study presentations is here: CaseStudyRubric-BC368

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