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And I thought our sports were violent…

So the general consensus seems to be that football is a pretty violent sport. Usually, i would agree to this claim. It is a sport where you run into one another at full speed. However I have recently two sports, one European and one … Continue reading

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Bugs that fight the bug?

I came across an article recently that i found extremely interesting. This past year the flu has been spreading throughout the nation like wildfire. Due to this rapid spreading of the virus, a new breed of vaccine has been approved to try and stop … Continue reading

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Don’t be such cry baby.

This article isn’t  necessarily related to exercise, but it is extremely interesting. Each parent will raise their child the way they seem fit. Each parent will do something differently than another. One decision that all parents must make is how to deal with a crying … Continue reading

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Trip the pain away

About while back, CNN published an article about a case in which MDMA (Ectacy) was being used to treat PTSD (Link: ) . I had completely forgotten about the article about the article recently, when i came across an article … Continue reading

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Wondrous Weight loss

I have come across three stories of weight loss that are truly inspirational and I felt that I had to share them The first story is the most impressive in my opinion. Amy Smith, a Wisconsin woman weighed 427 pounds. She had a … Continue reading

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Expensive Messages

Mark Zuckerberg is a very important person. I mean, he is the founder of Facebook after all. And now, any person can send a message to Mark’s personal inbox for only $100! That’s right, Facebook to make good ol’ Mark even … Continue reading

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What sports mean to me

I love everything related to athletics. The daily practices. The early mornings. The long days. The brutal practices. The mixture of nerves and excitement that comes with competition. The euphoria that comes with victory and the bitter taste that accompanies … Continue reading

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