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The BMI Roller Coaster and Pants on the Ground

At the beginning of January, no one would have said I needed to lose weight. Sure, I knew I had a little extra fat on my hips that I could probably lose, but my BMI was 18.9, very close to … Continue reading

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Skiing at Sugarloaf: Where My Worst Fears Culminated

This Saturday, along with half of the Colby population, I headed up to Sugarloaf for some skiing. Unlike the majority of that population, however, I am a very inexperienced skier; I have only skied twice in my life. As such, … Continue reading

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Baby It’s Cold Outside (But Not in the Gym)

The National Weather Service is predicting wind chill temperatures below -25 degrees Fahrenheit for today and tomorrow. Yikes. I need not explain why the drive to stay inside is so strong. In addition to this, I was blessed Tuesday night … Continue reading

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The Paleo Path

You may notice my name on this site is Paleogirl. To the dismay of any dinosaur lovers in the class, it is not because I am an avid paleontologist. Rather, it is because I have decided to follow a Paleolithic … Continue reading

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A Liquid Diet at Colby, Doable or Disaster?

From a young age I have been told that my lower jaw was out of place. It is too far forward and, until braces, resulted in a severe underbite. Braces brought my bite to normal range for a few months, … Continue reading

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The Day My Diet Died (And How I Revived It)

If I had to pick one word to describe the essence of this post, it would have to be ‘willpower’, a particular characteristic that I lacked this Saturday. Because I would be at my home in Maine on Saturday, I … Continue reading

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The Gym: Long Time, No See

Anyone who was in the lab with me on Tuesday probably noticed that I am quite different from the rest of the class. I am not a college athlete and actually have not been able to work out at all … Continue reading

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