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Time to Apply…

As this course ends there is only one thing to do….take this information and make something of it. The point of this class is not only to learn something but to be able to apply it to life. This isn’t … Continue reading

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Nordic Skiing Week

This week has had a lot of Nordic Ski aspects to it. I come from Rhode Island where the high schools do not have ski racing teams, Alpine or Nordic. These sports had to be seeked out through clubs and … Continue reading

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Is it Even an Excuse Anymore?

“Iron defficiency.” This is the distance runner’s easiest get away. Didnt feel strong? Must be iron defficient. Bad workout? Must be iron defficient. Not racing well? Must be iron defficient. It’s an epidemic. Years ago it was found that distance … Continue reading

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Physiology Influencing Life Choices

As stated in one of my earlier posts, a huge part of my early life was competing in martial arts. I started doing taekwondo when I was 9 years old and began competing two years later. I traveled the country … Continue reading

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Manti Te’o….Why????

Today some information has been leaked to the public that many are having trouble grasping including myself. Here is some background for those who do not pay attention to college football. Manti Te’O is a senior and plays linebacker for … Continue reading

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Stress Fracture…But I Don’t Feel Stressed?

One day in my youth I was hanging out with one of my friends at his house. Next thing I know, I am getting dragged to his taekwondo lesson to watch. Sounds boring right? But it wasn’t. I really thought … Continue reading

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BCS Game Couldn’t Handle The Expectations

The other night there was a very large football game, the BCS National Championship game. This game is supposed to have the top two Division I college football teams in the nation face each other in a very competitive battle. … Continue reading

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