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Live a Little

What started as a relatively minor change in my diet, away from refined and sugary foods, has, over several years, developed into something more than I had anticipated. While many people adopt diets in pursuit of short-term goals, whether it … Continue reading

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What To Add To Your Diet

By the end of 2012, the nutraceuticals industry, including dietary and sports supplements, vitamins, herbal products, and genetically engineered foods, grew to more than $86 billion in the US alone. The explosion of growth in this market over the past … Continue reading

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Finish Your Food

Ever since I was young, my parents have always told me to finish the food on my plate. This usually wasn’t a problem as I was a picky eater and was usually given only a few different types of food … Continue reading

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Healing Your Heart the Hard Way

Starting back in early 2012, my Dad started having frequent checkups for his heart. Throughout his life, he was extremely active in sports and fitness, however he had always been genetically predisposed for high blood pressure. Additionally, at the age … Continue reading

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My New Year’s Resolution

Every year, the most popular New Year’s Resolution choice for Americans is to lose weight, either via dieting, exercising, or a combination of both. I include myself as one of these millions of individuals hoping to change their body for … Continue reading

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Eat the Right Foods, Exercise Regularly, and . . . Sleep?

Last week in class and lab we highlighted the importance of proper nutrition for the athlete. In order to perform at an optimal level, the right energy sources in the correct amounts need to be put in the body. However, … Continue reading

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Playing Through the Pain

As of this morning, the career of one of the most dynamic and exciting players in the national football league (NFL) is in limbo. As many football fans know, Robert Griffin III, the rookie phenom quarterback for the Washington Redskins, … Continue reading

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