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Are steroids worth it?

If our bodies naturally produce the steroids required to live and perform work, then why do we take additional steroids? For instance, people take anabolic steroids because of their testosterone-like effects. They believe that such steroids will either improve the … Continue reading

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Shin Splints??

I’d like to talk about something that really messed up my freshman year’s track season: I over-trained and was not careful about having proper technique, and guess what? I got shin splints. It was very painful and really no fun … Continue reading

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My Lactic Acid Story

I would like to talk about a very memorable experience of mine that involves lactic acid and fermentation. I remember the day my coach decided to have me run a 400m for the first time. This was the 400m relay. … Continue reading

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Did Semenya throw the 800?

As we discussed in our last class, Caster Semenya became the world champion in the 800 meter dash. Although she had a great victory, life became difficult for her soon after. The trouble here was that in the course of … Continue reading

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