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Aussie Rules

When I typed “AFL” into the Google search bar, the results were not what I was looking for at first.  The first result was a graph of the stock price fluctuations of Aflac Incorporated.  Next came something about fiber optic … Continue reading

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Gender on the Front Lines

As many of you may have read, Leon Panetta (Defense Secretary) and General Martin Dempsey (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) announced on Thursday that the military will be officially lifting its ban on women in combat roles.  The … Continue reading

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Ironing out the Kinks

I am a twin.  My sister would legitimately kill me if she ever found out about this post, but hey, she gave me some great direct evidence in support of the importance of iron in the diet, so that’s a … Continue reading

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Fight or Flight… or, Paddle.

I had never seen anything quite as beautiful and perfect as I had when I pulled my van up to the beach access in “Surfer’s Paradise” on Australia’s Gold Coast.  I had a week off between the end of classes … Continue reading

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My fingers hurt

My fingers hurt.  No, I didn’t pull landscaping duty. My hands just hadn’t been on a wall in quite some time. Climbing is a sport I always end up coming back to.  Since I was 12, I’ve been oscillating between extended periods of either climbing every … Continue reading

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What goes in is more than what goes out

It’s amazing how much difference two pounds can make. It doesn’t sound like much, but when you’re 5’0”, it feels like more than you’d think.  I’d be willing to bet that most people indulge in an excess of high GI … Continue reading

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Eventually, the sun goes down

I’ve surfed the wall a hundred times.  Normally, I scan the horizon for sets on the outside or look through the windows of the houses lining 10th street.  I do everything I can to position myself in the right spot … Continue reading

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