And I thought our sports were violent…

So the general consensus seems to be that football is a pretty violent sport. Usually, i would agree to this claim. It is a sport where you run into one another at full speed. However I have recently two sports, one European and one Japanese, that make football seem like a pillow fight.

The sport is Hurling. It is in no way a new sport, in fact it has been played for more then 3000 years. But it’s new to me. Originally a Gaelic Sport, it has spread throughout Europe. Since i have recently discovered this game i don’t know too much about it. However I have found the time to watch an entire professional game of the sport and to put it simply, it’s insanity. Its a mixture between field hockey, baseball, football and lacrosse. The goal of the game is simple, use the club like stick (Called a Hurley) to get the ball into the goal. There seems to be very few rules to this game. And the people who play it seem to be slightly psychotic  Sticks are frequently swung into opponents at full speed, and the recipient keeps running like nothing happened. People will be leveled by opponents at the most unexpected times. It’s as close to chaos as you can come while still retaining some sort of order. With all this being said, it’s an amazing sport to watch. It’s so fast paced and unpredicable. It’s overstimulating in the best way possible. Watch the first few seconds of this video to get an idea of the carnage:

The second sport i found is a Japanese one. This one is even more reckless in my opinion. I couldn’t find a translated version of the name, but it is essentially a game of capture the flag. Teams of about 80-100 people. Half are attackers and half are defenders. The goal of the defenders is to keep a giant pole upright. The attackers job is to take the enemy pole to the ground. Seems simple enough right? The sport shows it’s dark side once matches start. The attackers run full speed into their enemy’s attackers with nothing but a wrestling helmet. They bombard their opponents with their own bodies. Reading a description of the sport doesn’t do it justice, skip to 1:25 in the video and witness this spectacle : .

Both of these sports are a blast to watch, and i’m glad that there are people insane enough to play them. I sure as hell wouldn’t.

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  1. Harptown says:

    That is the most intense minuet and a half of sporting I have ever seen. The coolest part was when the attacking team started running up each others back. What I loved most about watching this was the absolute chaos coming from almost every direction. American sports seem to be way my organized where as this sport seems to have a specific goal and any form of athleticism can be used to achieve it. great video

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