The Greatest American Cyclist; Greg Lemond

Today’s lecture focused on the dark and unsavory side of bicycle racing. To contrast, I’d like to bring to your attention Greg Lemond, the first and only American cyclist to win the Tour de France.

He had and still has the reputation of being a clean rider during his career. Greg started racing as a young teenager and immediately people took notice. As a 14 or 15 year old (junior category racer) he competed and often won senior category races. His published VO2max was 92.5!


Greg won the Tour de France three times , and probably would have added to that if not for a life threatening hunting accident at the peak of his career. The recovery period caused him to loose about two complete seasons from high level competition . Two photos from the Tour de France.



And a two photos of the world championship road race..which he won (twice)!!



Greg is currently active in eliminating doping from cycling, working with the governing bodies of the sport.

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