On Routine

I could not believe how far my fingers could touch.  Stretching daily for weeks increases flexibility slightly, subtly.  Only when we re-took our fitness test did I actually see the measured results.  My sit-and-reach flexibility increased greatly.  This month I did stretches every night and most mornings.  Through frequent stretch activity, I gradually worked towards a higher flexibility.  Today my stretches have become a part of my daily agenda.  If I don’t stretch in a day, I may feel too tight, or too tense.  To relieve this, I can stop what I’m doing, stand up or sit down, and start stretching out the things that need it.

This post is actually about the power of a routine.  I have made a lot of pretty big changes in my lifestyle and for my body this January 2013.  I have transformed my Colby diet, added exercise into my life, and made stretching a necessity for my body.  And I have done this by disciplining myself.  For the first two weeks I was going to the gym and stretching and eating my daily salad out of desire to succeed in our class.  I am truly amazed to feel how much a sense of regime has become ingrained into my body.  Nowadays, I actually want to go to the gym, I want to stretch, and I want to eat healthy.

This is truly revolutionary for me.  My old diet was a little bit nutritious, but mostly junk.  I never touched salads at the dining halls and hit up the ice cream bar and cookie spot frequently.  Flexibility was just not practiced.  And don’t even get me started about never going to the gym.  My life has completely changed from this.  And from here on, I do not see where else my lifestyle will move, except forward.  Learning about my body, about the processes within it, and the things I can do to help my body be healthy and strong, is a blessing and a curse (but much more of a blessing).  Now that I have all this new knowledge I can never go back to my old lifestyle of being ignorant about my body.

I am proud of the progress I made but have realized that this is truly the beginning, and that the journey of health and fitness starts now.  To be a wholesome person one needs to be in tune with body, mind, and soul.  All three are equally important, although the class had to teach me about my body for me to actually believe it.  Now I am excited to continue this new routine.  Exercising, stretching, and eating healthier options.  This is an action plan I want to keep in my life way beyond this class.

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