New Insanity fan

I just got through my first Insanity workout, and survived. We’ll see what tomorrow brings in terms of muscle soreness, but it was great “fun”. Our noon workout group of faculty and staff has come a long way over the last 6 years, and  workout options have expanded from 2 days/week to every weekday!  The camaraderie and variation in workouts keeps me going back for more week after week. Lifelong learning and exercise are good practices to keep!

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  1. tunesquad says:

    I have heard things about Insanity but never really looked into it….at all. I’m glad it has done great things for so many people and I am interested to hear what about it is so successful in getting people fit. Good luck with the rest of the program! I have heard it gets brutal!


    Insanity definitely gives results. My best friend did the whole program, took progress photos throughout, and it’s amazing to see how her body changed. I’ve done a few sessions and they are seriously intense. However, since they are such high impact workouts, be careful about injuries. I know my friend was complaining about her knees throughout the whole thing, which really concerned me. She’s only 20–no way should her knees be giving out already.

  3. I think camaraderie in workouts may be my most motivating aspect of fitness. Training in teams is much more successful than training alone in some cases. It is also great to be able to work off your teammates or training buddies on a tough run or lift. The mutual support, desire, drive and trust gives all the athletes involved an extra kick. Today on my run I was simply running near another Colby athlete on one of the outdoor running loops and I was much faster and much more engaged in doing my personal best. As far as the soreness, I saw a poster the other day ( I think it was Nike) that said “Sore is the new black”. Truth.

  4. dampbench says:

    Insanity is a great program! I stuck with it for about 40 days a few summers ago, but then school came along and unfortunately I fell out of my routine. It’s definitely intense! The toughest workout for me was the plyometric circuit, which targets both the lower and upper-body. It’s absolutely exhausting, but the workouts are always over in less than 45 minutes (a huge perk to interval training). Also, don’t be misled by the “recovery days,” they’re pretty rough too! Good luck with the rest of the program, it’s designed well to challenge athletes of all ability levels throughout the entire 60 days.

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