I have had migraine headaches for most of my life and besides several intense prescription medicines there have been very few things that have helped with them.  When I was a sophomore in high school however, they started to get really bad and I began taking a lot of medications that made me feel sick in other ways.  I began to search for a way around steadily increasing my intake of medication and started to look at my diet.  First I tried cutting out dairy and when that didn’t work I tried gluten.  My mom at this point had been gluten free for about 15 years and found that she had significantly less muscles pain and soreness when she didn’t eat gluten, which was really important to her because she suffers from a lot of chronic pain in her back and neck.  At first I didn’t really notice a difference in how I felt and with very few carbs in my diet I began dropping weight rapidly.  Eventually though, as I discovered foods without gluten but still a good amount of carbs I began to feel much better.  I had a lot less pain in my muscles and I got a lot fewer migraines, which was a huge improvement.

In this class we have learned a lot about how what we put in our body affects how we feel during exercise and how certain foods are much better fuel than others, but I think that besides the general guidelines, each body has individual rules that need to be followed.  I also think that as modern medicine has advanced, in many cases we look to cover up the problem instead of finding the cause and fixing that.  While both sides are important and I continue to take prescription medicines in addition to the diet change, I think it can be very beneficial to a body to look at why it is feeling that way.  When I told my doctor about symptom improvement due to my new diet he seemed to think I was crazy and the improvement was all in my head, but I disagree (obviously).  But it works for me, so I’m sticking to it!

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  1. striva says:

    I totally agree with you when you say that modern medicine in some ways covers up the problem. We have a lot more control of the health of our bodies than we realize, especially through the foods that we eat! I guess we really Are What We Eat!

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