David Goggins: “I’m Nobody Special”

David Goggins. Sounds like a regular guy from somewhere around the world. Turns out, he is not some regular guy. Turns out, he is one of the most amazing athletes, even humans on the planet today. I first read about David last week in an article a friend of mine sent me from “Triathlete Europe” which dated back to 2010. I looked at the title of the article, “David Goggins: The Toughest Athlete On The Planet?” and was immediately intrigued. I skimmed through the article and started picking up on details that made me start reading from the beginning. Goggins’ amazing story begins in 1998 when the 290-pound professional football prospect shed a hundred pounds in just two months to be eligible for Navy SEAL training. Goggins became a SEAL and in 2005 when a helicopter crash took the lives of some of his “brothers” he looked for a way to honor their memory. Goggins chose to start running ultramarathons because that was the only logical thing to do. Goggins began his research and found the “Badwater Ultramarathon” and decided that he was going to run 135-miles through Death Valley even though he had never run a marathon before. Prior to running Badwater, Goggins had to qualify and in his first 100-Miler “broke nearly every bone in his feet and suffered kidney failure” (Goggins Article). But that did not stop him. Today, Goggins is one of the world’s best ultra-endurance athletes and podiums at many of the toughest races in the world. In his quest to raise money for his fallen SEAL teammates, Goggins has raised over three-hundred thousand dollars and show no signs of stopping. Goggins challenges himself in anyway possible to raise money for the men who died next to him. In September of last year, for example, he attempted to break the world recorg for number of pull-ups done in 24 hours. Sadly, Goggins fell short of the record, and was only able to “crank out” roughly 2,600.

David Goggins is an icredible athlete and an incredible human being. As I hope you will read in the article I have included, Goggins has an unmatchable mental attitude about what he is doing. As he says, “he takes a giant suck-it-up pill every morning…” (Goggins Article). Goggins is a special athlete. To me this article was inspirational to read, and I think a lot of people might have the same reaction. I have included the link to the article below. If anything, the article makes you realize that walking to class at 9 am in the freezing cold isn’t really that bad.

(Goggins Article):


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  1. Flipper Flipper says:

    This is just… not… normal. Wow.

  2. Looking back at my training log, I was pretty proud of myself for how much I had done, and then I read this…

    “Every day, he’s up and running by 3 a.m. After a 20-mile run, he bikes 20 miles to work. He runs at lunch, if he can. Then it’s back home (on the bike, of course) to join his wife for weight training in the gym. He’s in bed no earlier than midnight most nights.”

    It just goes to show that no matter how hard you think you are training, there is always someone out there who is going harder (and in this case, about 1,000x harder…).

    Awesome motivational article, thanks for sharing!

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