Nordic Skiing Week

This week has had a lot of Nordic Ski aspects to it. I come from Rhode Island where the high schools do not have ski racing teams, Alpine or Nordic. These sports had to be seeked out through clubs and such in New Hampshire or Vermont. I had one friend who went to a ski school in the winter every year then would finish the year back at my school. Anyways the point is this sport was very foreign to me.

Back in the fall I started seeing people on the roller skis. I didn’t get it. It just seems dangerous and super hard. Like how could you go uphill with wheels?? Even with momentum gravity would push you back down the hill and you would start rolling backwards. And recently I heard there are no breaks. Just sounds like a way for someone to get hurt before their season even starts. On the xc team we had a guy who is a nordic skiier in the winter, so he would tell me things about the sport on runs and such. I was very interested in learning more about it seeing as it is very comparable to running which is my sport.

Then Tracy came in. She explained the sport in more ways than I could have imagined. That is one complicated sport! The different skis, the different waxes, the different styles of skiing…there’s so much to it! Made me gain a lot of respect for the sport as a whole. Then as the week was coming to a close my track coach and senior members of the team started mentioning the big nordic ski carnival happening this weekend at the Quarry Trails and how we should go and watch. The nordic ski team is always big fans of the xc team and actually came down to Bowdoin to cheer us on in the NESCAC Championships in the fall, which personally was very helpful in the race. So, as a track team, we decided we should reciprocate and cheer them on because they never have had a fan base before and it was so accessible. Long story short…I forgot to set my alarm last night and by the time I ran down to the race as a workout, the race had ended five minutes ago. I did get to see some of the skiier cooling down and such which was still cool to see. Wish I had made it down in time. It seemed like a really good time.

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