Bugs that fight the bug?

I came across an article recently that i found extremely interesting. This past year the flu has been spreading throughout the nation like wildfire. Due to this rapid spreading of the virus, a new breed of vaccine has been approved to try and stop the flu in it’s tracks. This new vaccine is called FluBlok

Traditionally, flu vaccines are made from eggs or derived from previous influenza viruses. However, this vaccine is nothing like the others. This vaccine comes from insect cells. Scientists have reprogrammed the insect cells to produce a protein called hemagglutanin, a viral protein found in the flu virus. The majority of the antibodies produced when fighting the flu go to interfering with this protein. The logic behind the vaccine is that by introducing the protein directly into the blood stream, it will expedite the rate at which the body produces the antibodies for hemagglutanin. This results in the virus being stopped before it has the time to set in. One thing about this vaccine that makes it so unique is that it is effective against all strains of the flu, not just the one that is most common that year.

The vaccine has already been for the flu and has recently been approved as a vaccine that can be used for many other viruses. However, since it is a new vaccine, it has only been approved for individuals from the age of 18-49. I think that it is great to try and create new vaccines. The flu is a terrible virus and anything that can help fight it is alright in my book.

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