More on barefoot running

One question from last week’s lab on the anatomy of exercise focused on the mechanics of running. Recent research into foot strike patterns (heel, midfoot or forefoot) leaves us still wondering if there actually is an ideal running form ! Gretchen Reynolds summarizes some recent reports in her blog for the NYTimes:

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  1. Hattrix11 Hattrix11 says:

    This was such an interesting article! I loved reading it because I was sure scientists were on a breakthrough that the “natural way” must be more mid-to forefoot striking. It shows just how little we know. My only criticism was with one study when they “asked heel-striking recreational runners to temporarily switch to forefoot striking..” I’ve heard it takes up to six months to change your running patterns, so it’s no shock the runners felt “uncomfortable.” I wish there was one answer to it all, but for now I plan on experimenting along with them!

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