Don’t be such cry baby.

This article isn’t  necessarily related to exercise, but it is extremely interesting. Each parent will raise their child the way they seem fit. Each parent will do something differently than another. One decision that all parents must make is how to deal with a crying baby. Do you let it cry or do you console it?

Each side of the argument has their own viewpoints. Those who chose to console their babies when they cry tend to say that it is bad for the child’s development. They fear that the lack of contact at this vital stage in life will lead to separation issues later on in life. Those who chose to let their children cry tend to believe that it is actually beneficial. Doing so will eventually teach the child how to comfort themselves and allow them to fall asleep on their own. This in turn ease some of the stress that comes with child rearing.

The article references two studies that show some pretty surprising results. An Australian study that followed 326 couples showed that it really doesn’t matter. Half consoled their children as infants and half did not. When the children were 4-5 years old, they were observed once again. The results from the groups were indistinguishable. There was no apparent benefit or detriment in choosing either method. The study conduced by saying that there was no harm in letting your child cry. The second study directly contradicted the first. It was conducted over 5 days. As the days without comforting passed, the babies cried less and fell asleep faster. However, although the babies seemed to be less stressed, their cortisone (stress hormone) levels were just as high as a baby that was left to cry.

I can’t really share an opinion because i simply  fathom what it would be like to raise a child. But if anyone would like to share their opinion on the topic, that would be awesome.

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  1. Fearless Leader ugogal says:

    My best friend gave me great advice: she’ll be ready to sleep through the night when you’re ready to let her.
    Let them cry.

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