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Don’t be such cry baby.

This article isn’t  necessarily related to exercise, but it is extremely interesting. Each parent will raise their child the way they seem fit. Each parent will do something differently than another. One decision that all parents must make is how to deal with a crying … Continue reading

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On Sleeping… Or Not Sleeping.

Although it is Jan Plan, a wonderful time of the year when Colby students only have to attend one course and time seems to be endless, I have found that I still have not been getting sufficient hours of sleep … Continue reading

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A Runner’s Mind

When the lecture today turned to sports psychology, I could not help but think back to probably the most memorable race of my high school track career.  I was a sophomore at the time, and the anchor of the distance … Continue reading

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The First Time I Liked Running

It was two days ago. My head was pounding, my eyes were drooping, and all I wanted to do was lie in bed and watch another episode of “The West Wing”. It was just one of those days where everything … Continue reading

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Eating Healthy or Dieting?

Is there a difference?  I’ve always thought there was.  To me, eating healthy is a life-long pursuit of healthy decision-making, whereas dieting is trying to cut back on the number of calories you take in per day. I find eating … Continue reading

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On Salad

I am a foodie.  I am an un-picky eater and love trying new or weird delicacies—pig face, ox tongue or duck embryo.  If the thing tastes good, I would like to eat it, or at least try it.  Still, I … Continue reading

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The Bucket List

Over the years I have developed a list of things I want to try and accomplish at some time in my life. As I have gotten older I have had crazy ideas; the kind of ideas that most people would … Continue reading

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The worst water

The Badwater Ultramarathon is a 135 mile footrace through Death Valley to Mount Whitney, starting 300m below sea level and rising to 8360m above. Death Valley is pretty much a toaster oven and the race is in mid-July, so the … Continue reading

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