The Scallenge

Joe Blow sports fan often watch their favorite sports teams and jeer certain players who don’t perform with claim, “Even I could do better than that!”  Last week 4 Boston sports fans had that chance.

Brian Scalabrine, a former Celtics power forward, was known throughout his career in Boston as a fan favorite. Scalabrine or “Scal” as he is affectionately known, is lanky, white, redheaded and was never the most skilled player on the court but his personality and appearance led him to be loved. Despite his many fans, Brian was always seen as sort of a joke witch lead Scalabrine, now retired, to host a one-on-one basketball tournament with the help of Boston sports radio hosts Toucher and Rich, where regular fan could test their skill against Brian and see if they really are “better than that guy.”

Scalabrine selected the four best basketball players out of a multitude of YouTube tryout videos sent in by fans and faced them in a local gym. Brian is a 6’9” former NBA player and as expected dominated his competition. Games were played first to 11 points and Brian beat each of his competition with a combined score total of 44 to 6. One of his opponents was a former Syracuse player and another a Division 1 prospect so his competition wasn’t that bad.

A clip of the action

Scal’s tournament was a good way to reach out to Boston sports fans and gave several guys a once in a lifetime opportunity. Most fans who say that they could do better than a professional athlete like Scalabrine who had a ten year NBA career aren’t thinking realistically about how hard it is to play at that level. A player like Scalabrine who never did extraordinarily well in the NBA is still an extremely skilled basketball player who beat out hundreds of other extremely skilled players to get into the NBA

Brian “White Mamba” Scalabrine


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  1. Flipper Flipper says:

    Matt Tomaszewski – the Syracuse challenger – is a friend of mine. While he did in fact ride the bench the majority of the time he was at Syracuse, he is still an exceptionally gifted basketball player. I was legitimately shocked when Scal did a number on him like that.

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