James vs. Jordan

Last year my AP Gov teacher spent most of the time talking to my classmates and I about what happened on sports center the night before rather than what was happening in the White House. His favorite topic to discuss was the idea that if the Babe Ruth was to play in the major leagues today he would still be dominant, and same for Michael Jordan or Larry Bird against NBA stars like Lebron James or Kevin Durant.

He was convinced…… but I’m not. Those athletes were great during their time and should always be remembered for their accomplishments, but there have been so many advancements in training, nutrition, and even aspects of the game that just can’t be compared to the older days. My teacher would also make the argument about steroids and how athletes of that time never used them. This is true, but not all athletes of this time do either.

If Lebron James was put on the court with Michael Jordan during both of their primes, there is no doubt in my mind that Lebron James would prevail..everytime. Many people compare Lebron’s one NBA championship ring to Jordan’s six, but when I see film of Jordan versus Lebron there is no comparison. Lebron is faster, more athletic, and more powerful. Perhaps if Jordan were born in this age where many athletes can take advantage of our knowledge for training, recovery, and nutrition, then perhaps these athletes would be on the same level. I guess we will never know.

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