Baby It’s Cold Outside (But Not in the Gym)

The National Weather Service is predicting wind chill temperatures below -25 degrees Fahrenheit for today and tomorrow. Yikes. I need not explain why the drive to stay inside is so strong. In addition to this, I was blessed Tuesday night with the gift of food poisoning whilst studying for the exam, which has rendered me a bit weak and tired. My instincts given these two factors tell me to do one thing: curl up in a ball under my warm covers and sleep.

My motivation tells me otherwise.

I haven’t worked out the past two days due to stomach pain, and will not be able to work out Thursday or Friday because I will be on a trip and in a hotel room. Thus, if I don’t work out today, this would mean five days with no exercise. Before this January, this wouldn’t be a problem; I never worked out. Since September I have not done anything mildly athletic because of prolonged sicknesses, but January brought with it a many changes in me. The more visible changes are in my overall fitness and health, as I have begun exercising daily (until this week) and have committed to a diet.

The change that manifests itself today, however, is less visible; it is psychological. I have begun to develop motivation to continue my improvement of fitness, and stay committed to my goals. The prospect of not working out for five straight days is unbearable. In this case, my brain is trumping my body.  My body is saying stay inside, but my mind is saying I have to go exercise.  And so after I finish this blog post, I am heading over to the gym to hit the elliptical machine.

I suppose my point in this post is about the psychological growth I have apparently experienced recently. I don’t think I would ever have considered myself to be the type that would go outside in -25 degree weather if there were an option otherwise. I would settle down in my bed and watch a movie. But now I have a voice in the back of my head telling me to move. It is a bit comparable to an drill sergeant yelling at his men, throwing insults at me whenever I consider being lazy and not working out for the day. It makes me really WANT to go exercise, knowing that the rewards of exercise will outweigh the painful process of getting up and doing it. As the Tracey, the Nordic ski coach, spoke about today, the psychological standing of an athlete can take them very far. I may not be the best athlete, but I hope that with this new determination I can at least reach personal bests!


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    Go you! I planned to go to the gym this afternoon with my friend around 5, but at 5:05, I found myself on the floor of my room looking at pictures of carnivorous plants on the internet. At 5:07, my friend texted me (even though she lives next door) saying, “Eeeeeeeventually” (meaning the gym). At 5:30, still on my floor, I texted her, “Those in favor of dinner instead of gym say aye.” Of course, the aye’s had it, and at around the same time you were on the elliptical, I was eating some couscous in Bob’s. Just to show you what happens when your psyche is not so strong.

  2. Fearless Leader ugogal says:

    There are usually only a couple of days a year that I consider it too cold to run outside…today was one of them, so I too used the elliptical!

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