Trip the pain away

About while back, CNN published an article about a case in which MDMA (Ectacy) was being used to treat PTSD (Link: ) . I had completely forgotten about the article about the article recently, when i came across an article where CNN published the various responses of it’s readers to the article.

The responses to the articles were as varied as the day is long. The responses were either for or against the use to this drug in treatment. Those who were for it had some pretty varied responses.  Some used this article to rave about how great the drug is and why it should be legalized. Others supported it as long as it would be highly regulated. Those who were against it were just as varied in their responses. Some said that the drug is toxic and has no business being used as medicine. Others were opposed to it because it’s implementation in a treatment regiment would only deepen the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies.

I personally believe that if it works, use it. It seems to be common knowledge that PTSD is an awful, awful condition. It is most common among soldiers who return from active duty. It is a condition that can affect families as a whole. Families forced to see loved ones go though episodes of panic and paranoia. It is also notoriously difficult to treat, and takes years to make any tangible progress. I think that if there is something that can help someone cope with it in a constructive way, it should be able to be used.

But now I pose a question to you readers. What are your opinions on the topic? Should it be used? Why or why not? It would be great to see your opinions.

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