Gym Shame

This doesn’t necessarily pertain to what we have been learning in the past week, but I’ve got an issue.  I made it my goal at the beginning of the month to work on my strength and, because I could barely lift even the bar, to improve my bench pressing abilities.  I made my schedule, working in a few days a week for me to do some strength training (which I’ve never done before in my life).  I even looked on a few of these scary body builder websites that talked more about expensive and foreign “supplements” than they did about real training.  I ate lots of granola, imagining my muscles miraculously growing as the protein found its way into my blood.

This is all fine and good, but then it came time to actually go to the gym and set my plan in action.  Of course, I hopped on an elliptical first.  Gotta start with that cardio, ease myself into things.  I blasted some Blink182, because that’s the kind of music I imagined body builders might listen to.  Half an hour passes on the elliptical, and I decide to go 10 more minutes because, well, I was feeling good and didn’t want to stop.  50 minutes in, and I know that it’s now or never for the bench press.  I get off, look over at all the weights, and see oh, I don’t know, maybe 50 or so huge dudes crowded around the bench press pumping some SERIOUS iron.  I gaped at the kid benching like a thousand pounds and then high-tailed it out of that gym so fast that I left my favorite bracelet hanging off the elliptical.

Halfway back to my dorm and I’m wondering what exactly happened in there.  Why couldn’t I just do my own thing, work at my own pace, and forget about those other guys?  There’s nothing wrong with being a beginner.  Nothing shameful about it.  I got mad at myself.  This was so stupid.  I almost, almost turned around to go back and finish what I started.  But then I pictured the whole scene.  Me, completely by myself, having benched no more than 5 times in my whole life, parking myself 3 feet away from a guy who’s pinky finger was about as thick as my bicep.  Me, struggling to lift the bar.  Me, not knowing at all what I’m doing.

Can Colby invest in a beginner’s weight room?  Is that at all possible?

Me. (((Just kidding)))

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3 Responses to Gym Shame

  1. I am also fairly new to weight lifting and dude, its hard. I can cardio for days but sometimes when I pick up the bar to do a set of RDLs I feel nauseous. I think it just takes repetition and feedback to get better. I go with one of my friends here who has been lifting for a while and she makes routines for me that are safe and health for my athletic ability and physiology. She also spots me and watches me to make sure that my posture is correct. We tend to go later in the evening so we don’t need to fight off any crazy lifters and so we can go at our own pace. Give it another go!

  2. Jbreeeezy says:

    I can understand how you feel. It is intimidating seeing everyone doing dawns insane workouts in the weight room. If that’s the only thing keeping you from working on the bench, you might want to reconsider what time you go to the weight room. I’m not sure what time you usually go, but most sports teams lift in the afternoon from about 2pm-6pm. It’s usually pretty vacant in the morning and at night. It’s not much, but it’s worth a try.

  3. Fearless Leader ugogal says:

    Just imagine how the middle-aged women feel!!

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