Basketball was my favorite organized sport in high school.  I started playing in eighth grade and instantly fell in love with it.  Every winter it was like coming back home to something I really and truly loved.  It was so much fun to feel the ball back in my hands to shoot it and hear it swish through the net…a perfect shot.

I played varsity all four years of high school, and was captain for three, and this sounds like large achievement, but it really is not.  I come from a high school of 60 people, in which my (almost) 5’7″ self was the tallest person on the basketball team for 2 years, and in which coming in to a Varsity team after only playing for 1 year, I started.  It was incredible.  It was one of the many reasons I enjoyed my school.  I could play any sport I wanted, whether or not I had tried it before.

Junior year, I started looking at colleges, and I realized that everything was going to change.  Yes, all of the social things, and academics, but most of all, sports were going to change.  I was no longer going to be considered really good after a year of playing.  I also had to make the decision as to whether or not to pursue playing sports in college.  I made the decision to look into basketball and field hockey, but not too seriously, just to let my options play out.  There were a few division three schools that told me I would have a spot on their team, but none of them were Colby.

When I came to Colby, I decided I was definitely not going to play field hockey, and I left basketball a bit up in the air.  But, I eventually decided not to play basketball and stick with Woodsman.  However, when it hit November, and I was no longer on the basketball court, I was a bit sad.  I didn’t have brusies and brush burns covering my knees, and I wasn’t running sprints everyday.  I almost didn’t know what to do with myself.

I decided to create an iPlay basketball team, 3v3, and it has been so much fun.  It is simply me and a bunch of my friends, and we aren’t incredible, but it is a ton of fun.  And that is exactly what sports are meant to be.  Fun.  I never had this much fun in high school playing sports when I had to be serious about it, but now I am simply happy, getting to play basketball a couple times a week and simply for the fun of it.

I think it is necessary for people to return to the fun in sports.  We get so serious about being the best and the greatest that we lose the true roots of games, and that it really is a beautiful thing simply to have fun sometimes.

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  1. froglady says:

    Great post–thanks for sharing! I loved my intramural b-ball team in college and it was great exercise.

  2. dampbench says:

    I’ve had a similar experience with the transition from high school sports to college sports. I too was completely enveloped in basketball all throughout my childhood. I came to Colby and tried out for the team; it didn’t work out. For awhile I was really disappointed. I missed the competition and the game in general. Then one of my friends suggested I give rugby a try. It was the best decision I’ve made at Colby. We practice a few times a week, have two short seasons in the fall and the spring, and we’re one of the best teams in New England. Rugby fills the competitive void I was missing for awhile after I stopped playing basketball, not to mention it’s an absolute blast. We’re pretty fortunate as Colby students to have the opportunity to play fun, competitive sports outside of varsity athletics. It’s really something everybody should give a try, whether through club sports or intramurals.

  3. PumpingIron says:

    I completely agree that sports should be all about having fun. I played 3 varsity sports before coming to Colby and continued with one of them my freshman year here. However, I during the season I really wasn’t having a good time and just wished for the season to be over. I ended up quitting the next year before the season started. I do occasionally feel drawn to compete again, but this void has mostly been filled with iPlay, including the 3v3 basketball at the moment. I have had a lot more fun on the intramural teams than I ever did while I was on Colby’s team. Having fun is definitely something to keep in perspective when you are dedicating so much time to an activity.

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