Are steroids worth it?

If our bodies naturally produce the steroids required to live and perform work, then why do we take additional steroids? For instance, people take anabolic steroids because of their testosterone-like effects. They believe that such steroids will either improve the way they look or enhance their level of athletic performance.

While certain steroids stimulate the muscles to “bulk up,” what interests me is the fact that people assume their levels of skill, performance, and agility will improve. However, according to several studies, this isn’t the case. In addition, the dangers are countless, ranging from premature hair-loss to death by cardiac arrest. Is building more muscle faster and more efficiently really worth that risk?

I also assume that people combine such steroids with other drugs, and then increase dosages in order to recover faster. This is where people become addicted. And who knows if some medicine prescribed to me by my doctor combined with one of these steroids causes life-threatening effects. It is a huge risk to take a substance whose performance benefits are unproven!

It makes sense that people’s medals are taken away, not because of an unfair advantage (they may even be at a disadvantage), but because of the potential harm they are causing themselves.

Any comments?

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  1. PumpingIron PumpingIron says:

    Taking steroids allows individuals to reach levels of human development that would otherwise be unattainable. The most obvious benefit from steroids is the ability to put on more muscle mass. This can actually be attributed to two things: the reduction of muscle catabolism following stressful workouts and the ability to recover much more quickly, and therefore start training again relatively sooner. The medical community even backs the use of steroids to treat specific types of disorders that prevent the normal production of testosterone in men. The exact dangers of taking steroids are convoluted. There has been no definitive study linking steroid use to death since there is no way to preform a controlled test. Taking steroids in higher dosages does result in negative effects on the body, which range in severity. However, it is not fully known what amount of steroids can be taken without incurring the more severe side-effects. For many professional athletes, the desire to reach the top levels of competition and stay at the top is a crucial motivator for taking steroids. At the highest level, any advantage can mean the difference between being paid millions of dollars or being cut from the team. Taking a short-term view of their career, many people could rationalize taking steroids to continue playing. Additionally, steroids are addictive and the gains made while taking them are quickly reversed if the drug is stopped. For these reasons, it is easy to see why many professional athletes start taking drugs and continue usage their usage even with the knowledge of the negative side-effects.

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