A Little Extra Push on a Monday Morning

One of my favorite things about going home for the summer is my dog, Logan. Not just because (in my opinion) he is the cutest thing ever, but also because he is an excellent workout buddy.  At school when my alarm goes off at 6am for a morning run I struggle to get out of bed, and more often then not just keep sleeping.  Then, I promise myself I’ll do it later but when has that ever gone well? Instead of starting my day off strong, I start having already failed one of my goals and feeling disappointed.

When I’m home however, there is no alarm clock.  Instead there is a 70 pound mound of blonde hair jumping on my face, forcing me to get out of bed and to go for a run.  Once we’re on the road he keeps me constantly challenged, picking up the pace if he sees a squirrel to chase or slowing it down for a particularly interesting smell.  Carrying bags for his little doggy droppings is definitely not one of my favorite parts of the experience, but always worth it afterwards when we finally get back home, exhausted and happy.  Even more than keeping me in shape, Logan helps to keep our whole family active.  Besides our morning runs, he loves to hike and one of our favorite things to do on a weekend morning is drive to the beach where he can frolic for hours while we walk and occasionally run sprints next to him.   I wish that I had his constant enthusiasm for running or exercise of any kind, but having him there every morning is a close second.  And although I can’t say that I love it on Monday mornings when he slobbers on my face at 6 AM, I’m always grateful when I get back and I can start my day off right. 

290491_3625707610006_1318149227_oLogan running during a family hike.


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2 Responses to A Little Extra Push on a Monday Morning

  1. Fearless Leader ugogal says:

    My dog is SO excited when I put on my running clothes; she is the best company ever!

  2. Paleogirl Paleogirl says:

    Very inspiring post! I frequently have the same problem of being tired and not wanting to work out, and am constantly looking for ways to convince myself to go exercise since I am not on a sports team. I have never thought of letting my dog be my work out buddy, but I certainly will try that now. How could you not love running when it is with a lovable ball of fur!

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