Wondrous Weight loss

I have come across three stories of weight loss that are truly inspirational and I felt that I had to share them

The first story is the most impressive in my opinion. Amy Smith, a Wisconsin woman weighed 427 pounds. She had a whole host of health conditions that were a result of her weight and she was only getting heavier. Her wake up call came when she had her second child, the c section went terribly wrong due to her weight, and she almost lost her child. That was when Amy decided to get gastric bypass surgery. Once she had recovered from her surgery she began to exercise vigorously. Now, 1 year later, she is a triathlete. She has completed 2 triathlons and hopes to do an iron man as well.

The second story is on a NH man named Greg Blanchard. This time last year, Greg was 804 pounds, immobile and on his way to an early death. Today Greg is 330 pounds lighter and , with the help of a cane, can go for strolls around his neighborhood. He no longer wants to be known as the local 800 lb man, he’s not that person anymore. He simply wants to be known as Greg. He claims that the only reason he reached this point is due to the massive amount of support he gets from his wife. Now I have no idea how he lost the weight. It could have been through hard work or gastric bypass. But regardless of how it happened, losing 330 pounds in a year is no small feat.

The third story is about a man named Kevin Ammerman. He desperately wanted to join the armed forces and fight for our county but he couldn’t. Every branch he went to turned him away because, at 315 pounds, he was too heavy. Kevin decided to take his fate into his own hands and lost 160 pounds so that he could finally join the army.

These stories show that anything is possible if you are truly determined to do it.

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