Maybe My Parents Knew What They Were Doing

Growing up I had never had Cocoa Puffs, Cap’n Crunch or Lucky Charms. While other kids during school lunch got to enjoy Lunchables or school food like chicken nuggets or pizza I was stuck with my peanut butter and jelly with maybe an apple. Soda was unheard of. Halloween stopped at age 8. My mom was a food nut and my dad was a dentist.

My mother used to teach a nutrition class at the local elementary school and the lessons were put in full practice at home. My father was and is a practicing dentist with a firm belief that soft drinks and hard candies are a special type of evil. There were times I was able to eat foods outside of this regimen. I remember as a kid the tasting of delightful sweat, salty or fatty treats at friend’s houses was a perk of any visit. Another time, my mom acquiesced to my request of a onetime gift of a birthday cereal of my choice, Lucky Charms. I ate three bowls when we got home from the supermarket and became sick to my stomach.  As I have progressed through this class I have begun to think more about what I eat and what the food I eat does to my body. I have never really had a problem with my weight and I always seem to eat just what I want. When I think about what choices I make in regards to food and drink I realize how much my parents’ control of my diet as a youngster has shifted my tastes to this day.

I don’t know if it’s some form of brainwashed conditioning but I honestly dislike the taste of overly salty or sweet food and I try not to drink soda. Even if I wasn’t then, I’m happy now that my parents had me eat the foods that I did because now I am satisfied eating healthy foods and I don’t really feel that I am missing something if I eat an unsweetened cereal in the morning or if I drink water instead of soda.

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  1. Fearless Leader ugogal says:

    I have seen time and time again that kids who are made to eat healthy food when they are young gravitate that way themselves as they age. I’ve also seen kids who are total food fussies and won’t eat anything…turns out their parents are the same way! We learn our food habits at a young age!

  2. No eggs says:

    I’m sure your parents knew what they were doing. For some strange reason, parents are always right. My parents were not health nuts, although I do have an aunt who is the same way. Candy? No. Potato chips? I don’t think so. Poptarts? Never. As a young kid the worst news ever was that we were going to her house for a meal. If my siblings and I were lucky, we might get served a turkey dog. More often than not, we didn’t even want to touch the food. If she had one weakness, one chink in the armor, it was pizza. She can cook a pizza and put all sorts of things in it and it will magically come out as a healthy meal (for pizza anyways). Once, by some miracle of God, she ordered pizza for delivery. Oh, the disbelief we had when we heard that she was ordering pizza. I guess my point is that even the most nutritious people have to, occasionally, give in to their cravings, as you did when you went to your friends house.

    P.S. I am never the person to correct someone’s spelling, but I just have to say that your comment about “delightful sweat…treats” was both disgusting and hilarious.

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