How much we take for granted

Not only is this video amazing in how much love is shared between these two brothers, but it also brings up how much we take for granted. Most everyone is taking this class because they are athletic, in the “traditional way” or in the outdoors. Not being able to experience this growing up as a child and into one’s later years would be unbearable. Luckily for Cayden, his older brother Connor defied the doctor’s warning of never leaving his home and has been competing in triathlons with his brother for over a year.

Last January I did an internship at a Pediatric Physical Therapy office and it was really amazing. Being in that atmosphere almost made me feel guilty at times when I didn’t feel like training because of the weather, or because I was tired, or some other lame excuse. I know my mood swings depending on how well I am competing in a sport, and I get frustrated with the slightest aches and pains if it hurts my success. It all puts it in perspective when you see what other people have to go through on a day-to-day basis.

Many kids were there with a physical therapist because of birth abnormalities including Cayden’s condition, cerebral palsy. Every single day I walked into that clinic I was overwhelmed with what these kids had to go through each day. I witnessed an 8-year old girl trying to put on her shirt for over twenty minutes, kids over ten still being spoon-fed, and others who were born with a clubfoot and couldn’t walk, skip or jump normally. Some of them went to physical therapy, speech therapy and then to school in addition. The caregiver had an overwhelming job of taking them to all these appointments and completing their exercises with them every single day. In part of the video Cayden’s parents were interviewed and the doctor had originally told them to put their child in a home because he would be too much to take care of. I volunteered for Best Buddies last year and was a buddy to a 27 year old who lived in a home and he was completely happy. However I think as a child that isn’t the most beneficial. The bond between Cayden and Connor is so special and because of Connor, Cayden has been able to experience the outdoors and athletic competition unlike many other kids with cerebral palsy.

It is my goal after college to become a physical therapist and later on a pediatric physical therapist so I can help out these kids as much as possible. On one of the days at the clinic I witnessed a girl walking for the first time in years. She was beyond elated. It was cool to have seen her progress over the month I was there and I hope someday I can make an impact on someone like her PT did for her.

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  1. froglady froglady says:

    Thanks for sharing this! Connor and Cayden are so inspirational and it seems like you’ve found a great path for your own career.

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