Hello Again, Yoga!

I have recently started doing yoga again to improve the flexibility in my hips, and I just realized how stiff I had let myself get.  I have a power yoga DVD, and since my boyfriend decided that he wanted to improve his flexibility and strength as well, I decided to tailor my workout around yoga, abs, and cardiovascular exercise.  Since he only wanted to do half an hour and I wanted to do an hour, I do half an hour in the mornings then join him after lunch for the other half an hour.  Yoga not only helps me feel more relaxed, it also makes me feel more in tune with my body, more focused, and more invigorated for the day.  Yoga makes me feel refreshed, unlike other exercises that just leave me feeling tired, but it is also a great workout.  My knees are also difficult to work with, and it is nice to have a workout that does not include a lot of jumping that would further harm my knees.  In the mornings I do my core/cardiovascular for half an hour as well.  This class has helped me to rediscover the benefits with yoga that I had forgotten for a time.

I have also started to shop at Uncle Deans in Waterville as well, which is an all natural food store.  I have started stocking my room with healthy, organic snacks, including almonds and carob.  I have already noticed a difference in my body especially with my strength and flexibility, and I feel more energized now that I have replaced my sweets after dinner with a banana, organic peanut butter, and Grapenuts.  If it keeps me feeling this good, I think I have found a better alternative to my previous healthy lifestyle, although I have always eaten well and worked out frequently.

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  1. snowcts14 snowcts14 says:

    My knees are also really bad, so I enjoy the fact that yoga is body weight training and also does not involve a lot of jumping. Also I like the new flexibility yoga has given me since I started doing it on a daily basis.

  2. I need to check out this Uncle Deans! I’ve been working on eating a lot more diversely recently. Last year especially I was just eating as much as possible to get enough calories to run many miles. I thought that because I wasn’t gaining or losing weight, I must have been doing a good job diet wise. Truth be told I was eating way too much of carbs, dairy and meat and not nearly enough vegetables. Now I get excited when I see quinoa in the dining halls. I try to incorporate it into my meals and I love telling my friends about how awesome it is for you. I find that it is so much easier to eat well when I actually know how the food is helping me and what is in it. I would have never touched quinoa before because I didn’t see its benefit. Now I’m like YES quinoa get at me — and I try to feed it to my friends too!

  3. cwolfing cwolfing says:

    I’m just starting yoga this month in order to increase my flexibility and I’m really excited about it! I hope I find it to be as beneficial as you do!

  4. Fearless Leader ugogal says:

    Good job convincing your boyfriend about the benefits of yoga!

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